Welcome to CareShare

Matching parents to SHARE the CARE

Announcing the Start-Up of CareShare!

CareShare is an innovative, collaborative “new” idea to make child care more affordable and customizable while ensuring the caregiver a more appropriate wage. 

CareShare is a worker and family owned cooperative. CareShare was developed by the community with development and research being accomplished over the past two years.  The Organizing Committee with staff have secured some funding to hire staff to help families grow CareShare from one “pilot” Share.  

Interested families follow these “steps” to complete their Share.  (a Share is your small group of families) 

People who want to explore CareShare as a possible solution for their family begin by completing this form.

Steps to Form a CareShare “Share”.  A Share is a small group of families who agree to work together to share a caregiver in one of the family’s homes.

  1. Families share basic information about their needs on the CareShare website; CareShare then matches families who live near each other.
  2. Families chat (in any manner they choose) and decide if they are compatible enough to move forward.
  3. Families decide the basic aspects of what they want in their Share.
  4. Families seek caregivers to interview.  Susan, the CEO, is contacted to provide a list of candidates meeting the Share (small group of families) wishes.
  5. Candidates have been thoroughly checked out and have been interviewed.  Sample questions are available.
  6. Families select a caregiver, or ask for more choices.
  7. Families and their caregiver make specific plans.  (start date, hours, host family, basic expectations for all, etc.)  Susan helps as needed/requested.
  8. Logistics for payroll and for tuition payments are set up and managed by CareShare.
  9. Sample agreements and other resources are added to the CareShare website as completed/approved by the organizing committee.